ARTEM OCC 2020 Edition

Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability in the Age of Disruptions: Dealing with Global Challenges through Trans- and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Creativity, innovation and sustainability are nowadays considered vital indicators of societal and professional life, yet their advances are typically considered separately. In the Anthropocene era, we face a fundamental imbalance between social and economic activities as well as earth systems. This has spawned various challenges in the fabric of human civilization in multiple subsystems of society such as transitions in energy, monetary and transport systems, deglobalization, and digitalization as well as environmental degradation, and social, financial and economic instability. Organizations need creative approaches to identifying innovative solutions for realizing the UN sustainable development goals. To navigate through an uncertain era of ferment in many industries and radically innovate, it is of paramount importance to dissolve disciplinary and functional boundaries, connect formerly unconnected knowledge and applications fields, foster systemic thinking, overcome thought barriers, and break existing paradigms.

New combinations frequently emerge when crossing cultural and geographic borders that enable further learning on various levels of society, and offer improvements in sustainable local development. The appetite for fresh alternatives to overcome the apparently dysfunctional legacy subsystems of society seems more pressing in the global zeitgeist than decades before. This growing uncertainty also produces resistance, anxiety and turmoil in and between societies. Potentially disruptive innovations and business models and new institutional technologies such as decentralized blockchain-based sharing and crowd controlled economic platforms emerge, but it seems that there is a lack of a common orientation and visionary leadership connecting all these trends towards sustainable development.

The artisans of our civilization such as managers, engineers or artists, provided with a global awareness of the diverse regional and context specific complexities and equipped with trans- and interdisciplinary approaches towards creative and sustainable development might be able to develop a joint vision to address these global challenges.

In upcoming third ARTEM OCC 2020 to be held at the Chemnitz University of Technology in Chemnitz, Germany. We aim to bring various scholars and stakeholders together to discuss and explore research that offers new insights into creative and systemic approaches and innovation processes that cross cultural and disciplinary borders - especially between art, management and technology - for a sustainable impact on society.


The general intention of the conference is to provide inter- and transdisciplinary encounters among participants. In addition to traditional paper presentations, contributions are welcome on discussion forums, case studies, artistic and playful interventions or practical demonstrations.

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