Preliminary Program

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Thursday, 19th March 2020

Friday, 20th March 2020

Saturday 21st March 2020

09:00 PreProgram Registration 

09:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

09:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

09:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00 PreProgram Opening

10:00 Conference Kick Off - Plenary Welcome

09:30 Keynote: Simon Bell
"Fear, Fiction and Consciousness: anything else?"


PreProgram A:
PhD Workshop (extra registration

10:30 Keynote: Ulrich Grober
          "Deep Roots - Shaping and Reshaping the

10:30 Competitive Paper Sessions

10:30 Plenary Panel Discussion

11:30 Opening Plenary Panel Discussion



12:30 Buffet Lunch

12:30 Buffet Lunch

12:00 Buffet Lunch

PreProgram B:
"History and Presence of Sustainability: Tracing Carlowitz in Chemnitz and Freiberg"
(Field Trip, extra registration required)

sponsored by  von Carlowitz Society


13:30 Keynote: "Sandra Waddock
          "Art, Transformation, and the Social Imaginary"

13:30 Competitive Paper Sessions &
          Opening of the "ARTEM OCC Cinema"

13:00 Workshops & Competitive Paper

14:30 Competitive Paper Sessions
          & Site Visit "Science meets Art" with
          Dagmar Ranft-Schinke's »QUO VADIS«

15:30 Coffee Break

14:30 Coffee Break

15:00 Extraordinary Contribution Awards, AAE S/W School Certificate Ceremony & Tracking Art Presentation

16:00 Coffee Break

16:00 Competitive Paper Sessions

18:00 Registration Opens

16:30 Competitive Paper Sessions

18:00 Finish

16:00 Outlook on ARTEM OCC IV
& Farewell Party

19:00 Conference Welcome Reception
          and Vernissage

18:00 Finish

18:30 Doors Open
19:30 Evening Event & Conference Dinner
          Keynote: Otto Scharmer

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