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An overview of the visa regulations can be found here*: 


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1.) Check if you need a visa for your stay in Germany:


2.) If you don’t need a visa, please note the following information given by the Federal Foreign Office:

  • You can only enter Germany if you have valid identity papers.
  • On the planned date of depature from Germany, your passport has to be valid at least for another three months and it has to be issued within the last 10 years.
  • You are advised to take out health insurance bevore your trip which also covers return transport to your home country.

For further information and FAQs, please check:


3.) If you do need a visa:

  • Visas have to be applied for prior to entry at the German mission abroad covering the place of residence of the applicant.
  • The visa always has to be applied for by the person who intends to travel to Germany.
  • Details on the documents to be presented at the time of application are often available on the webpage of the competent German mission or directly from the mission itself.
  • Please find more information here:


Anyone who needs invitation letter for VISA application, please send the request to us with all the information below. If the German Embassy in your country/region has any specific requirement for invitation letter, please let us know.

Basic information needed for invitation letter:

  • Name on the passport
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Passport number
  • Affiliation
  • Address
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