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„Deutsche Hausmannskost“ (typically german):

  • Ratskeller Chemnitz (regional, also vegetarian) 


  • Turmbrauhaus (regional, also vegetarian) 


  • Kellerhaus Chemnitz 


  • Gasthaus an der Schlossmühle (also vegetarian)


  • Ausspanne Gasthaus und Pension (also vegetarian) 


  • Wenzel Prager Bierstuben (also vegetarian and vegan) 


Chemnitz Specials

  • Janssen (euro-asian, seasonal, also vegetarian and vegan) 


          Special: Located in a former stocking knitting factory

  • Miramar (also vegetarian and vegan) 


          Special: A great panorama view right next to the castle’s lake

  • Schalom Restaurant (koscher) 


          Special: Not only a restaurant, but also a German-Israeli-Jewish meeting place

  • Yasmin (syrian, halal, also vegetarian and vegan) 


          Special: Award for the best snackbar in 2017

  • Malula (syrian, halal, also vegetarian and vegan) 


          Special: Art-noveau building right next to the river Chemnitz

  • Max Louis (modern foodculture, regional, also vegetarian and vegan) 


          Special: Industrial culture combined with modern architecture in the special location of the Schönherr-Factory

  • Heck-Art (seasonal, also vegetarian) 


          Special: Art-Gallery and Restaurant – all in one

  • Ronny’s (seasonal, also vegetarian) 


          Special: Located on the Centre of the urban district Kaßberg and founded by a Chemnitzer local

  • Ami (french, also vegetarian) 


          Special: One of only two french restaurants in Chemnitz

  • Mister Meyers Diner (american, also vegetarian and vegan burgers) 


          Special: An american diner like in the 50’s – with a matching motel right next door

Cafés / Bars / Bistros

  • CoffeeArtBar (Bar)


  • ALEX (Bistro / Café / Bar)


  • City Pub (Irish Pub)


  • Café Moskau (Bistro / Bar)


  • Brazil (Bistro / Café / Bar)


  • Cortina (Bistro / Café)


  • Dreamers (Café / Bistro at urban district Brühl)
  • Café Ankh (Café / Bistro / Bar at urban district Schlosschemnitz)


  • Maroon Bar (renowned Cocktail-Bar at urban district Kaßberg)


  • Imagine (Irish Pub at urban district Bernsdorf)



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