The deadine for the SI in the International Journal of Technology Management "Connecting Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Development in the Age of Disruptions" was extended by public demand to 31 July, 2020!
The Call for Papers of the Journal of Contemporary Management Special Issue "Entrevolutionizing the 4th Industrial Revolution: Best practices and global lessons learnt" is online under "Publications". Note that the Special Edition Final submission date is the 30 April 2020!
A message regarding the conference fee refund was sent to all registered participants. We will do our best to manage the process as indicated.
Registered Participants with an accepted abstract for the Artem OCC 2020 are invited to submit their papers for review and potential publication to several special issues of peer-reviewed international journals. Submitted papers will then follow the submission and review processes of the journals. More info & updates follow soon!
Dear Participant, Partner, Sponsor and Supplier of the ARTEM OCC 2020 in Chemnitz! With great regret, we have to inform you that we have to cancel our conference. After the cancelations of some of our key partners, many participants and the travel bans in several organizations and countries because of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) we were still prepared to organize the conference as planned. However, now we have also work and event restrictions locally and directly at our university. Therefore, the conference cannot take place anymore. After preparing this event for more than 12 months, it is also a great disappointment for the local organization team. We all will suffer different forms of costs from that decision. In the end, we have to make this sacrifice. We hope this will be the right decision in the end. We will also inform you if or how any of the conference fees can or must be reimbursed. We will inform you as soon as possible. Due to organizational restrictions such as home office recommendations, our processes are slowed down for an unforeseen time. We would like to ask you for patience in this regard. In any case, we still plan to realize our special journal issues. All of you, who have an accepted abstract, are invited to submit your full papers there. The info for the special issues is on the conference website. Best regards, The Organization Committee ARTEM OCC 2020
All accepted conference abstracts are now published in the conference book of abstracts. Please find the PDF-Version under publications on the ARTEM OCC 2020 website.
Ulrich Grober' Keynote has to be canceled due to health reasons! The program needs to be adjusted and will be published soon!
The Keynote by Stephen M Mutula scheduled for Saturday on 09:30 had to be canceled.
The ARTEM OCC 2020 will take place as planned and announced. We will have a medium sized conference with approximately 120 participants. As far as we know, we will have no participants coming directly from high risk areas such as China or Korea. Due to some inquiries regarding the situation on the SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) we recommend the website of the RKI ( for updates on the situation in Germany and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for updates on the situation in Europe ( At this very moment, there are no infections reported in Chemnitz and area. If you plan to cancel your attendance, we would be thankful to get an update to adjust the program accordingly if possible. The final program of the conference will be released soon. Session chairs and presenter will be noted on the practicalities for their sessions and presentations.
We are happy to add CEREFIGE as partner of the ARTEM OCC 2020.
We are happy to annouce that Kraftverkehr Chemnitz, Intenta and LiGenium support the ARTEM OCC 2020!
We are happy to annouce that the solaris Förderzentrum für Jugend und Umwelt gGmbH Sachsen and Chemnitzer Kunstfabrik support the ARTEM OCC 2020!
We are happy to annouce the release of the CfP for the special issue in the International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management for the ARTEM OCC 2020 on: "Engineering, Technology, Supply Chains and Knowledge Management in the Era of Digitalisation" with the Guest Editors Prof. Ralph Riedel, Associate Prof. Micheline Naude, Associate Prof. Renato Guimaraes.
We are happy to have Professor Stephen Mutula from the University of KwaZulu-Natal at Durban in South Africa as keynote speaker at our conference! He is the acting Dean and Head of School of Management, IT and Governance at the UKZN. His Keynote Speech is titled: “Industry 4.0 Conundrum for South Africa: Challenges and Opportunities”!
We are happy to annouce that the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business at the Duquesne University supports the ARTEM OCC 2020!
We are happy to have Sandra Waddock as keynote speaker at our conference! She is Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management at Boston College's Carroll School of Management. Her Keynote Speech is titled: Linking dominant narratives to societal transformation.
We are happy to annouce that the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG/German Research Foundation) supports the ARTEM OCC 2020!
A new affiliated journal is added for Track 3 and Track 8! Seminal and thrilling contributions will be invited to a Special Issue for the Journal of Contemporary Management. Deadline will be at the end of April 2020.
We are happy to announce that the Deutsch-Französischen Hochschule (DFH)/Université franco-allemande (UFA) is added as partner and sponser.
You'll have to register (create a new login) on the conference homepage ( as well as the integrated online payment system of the Chemnitz University of Technology. The following payment options are available: Visa, Mastercard & GiroPay. Invoices are provided within the online payment system. You'll receive an e-mail regarding the completion of the process once the registration has been approved and the payment has cleared. If required (e.g. for visa application), invitation letters will be available once your registration is completed.
The registration for the conference opens online on the second of January 2020. Reduced conference fees for early birds apply until the 20th of January and the registration closes on the 15th of February. More details on the deadlines, data and fees:
Over 120 high quality abstracts were submitted and reviewed. Please note: Only the person that submitted the contribution received the e-mail with the decision regarding the submission. If you've received the approval/rejection message as well as this e-mail, please forward these messages to your co-authors.
Dr. Otto Scharmer from the MIT Management Sloan School and founder of the Presencing Institute is confirmed as Keynote speaker for the ARTEM OCC 2020.
The "Call for Paper" was updated with new track 9 and extended submission deadline.
By public demand: The submission deadline was extended to: 20/10/2019 - please submit your abstract in time!
The new track 9 was added: "Collective Creativity for a Circular Economy: Connecting Approaches of Education Science, Social and Organizational Change with Playfulness and Digital Technologies" - submissions are welcome!
A press release was published on the upcoming conference by "Uni-aktuell".
The "Call for Paper" was updated with new keynote and design.
An extra submission section was added that is also visible to non users of the website.
We are happy to present Ulrich Grober as keynote speaker. He is a journalist and author of "Sustainability: A Cultural History".
We are happy to announce that the Sächsische Hans-Carl-von-Carlowitz-Gesellschaft e.V. (Carlowitz Society) is added as partner and sponser.
Simon Bell: CEO - Bayswater Institute and Professor of Innovation and Methodology/Open University Keynote: Fear, Fiction and Consciousness: anything else?
Today the Call for Paper is released and Submission opens to the public!
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